What is The Benefit Bank® of North Carolina?

The Benefit Bank of North Carolina (TBB-NC) is a statewide initiative that combines outreach with a powerful online service called The Benefit Bank to connect low and moderate-income North Carolinians to work and education supports. Work and education supports in the form of tax credits, food and health benefits, and student and veterans’ financial aid provide essential resources to eligible families struggling to make ends meet and move out of poverty. Learn more about the impact of the TBB-NC Network on the Our Impact page.

TBB-NC partners with a network of community and faith-based organizations across North Carolina to provide free, counselor-assisted help completing taxes and benefit applications using The Benefit Bank online service. Through The Benefit Bank’s QuickCheck screening tool, clients are able to check for likely eligibility in less than five minutes.

In addition to serving as a benefits eligibility screener, a benefits application filer, The Benefit Bank is also an IRS-certified tax preparation software. A powerful advantage of The Benefit Bank is that a client’s information is safely stored online, allowing inputted data in one application to pre-populate other applications or tax forms (with the client’s permission), thus reducing the time required for data entry.

MDC, a nonprofit organization based in Durham, N.C., that uses data-based research to create, demonstrate and incubate sustainable initiatives to improve educational and economic opportunity, manages The Benefit Bank of North Carolina as part of the larger national Work Supports Initiative. The Works Supports Initiative is a partnership between MDC and Solutions for Progress, the developer and operator of The Benefit Bank online service. The Benefit Bank is a registered trademark of Solutions for Progress. TBB-NC is funded with generous support The Duke Endowment and The Kenan Charitable Trust.


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