Become a TBB-NC Site

Almost any community or faith-based organization in North Carolina can become a TBB-NC site.  The Benefit Bank (TBB) serves low- to moderate-income families and individuals by connecting them to valuable work and education supports. Organizations working with this population will most easily integrate TBB-NC into their existing service model.

Step 1: Attend a TBB-NC Pre-Training Orientation

The Pre-Training Orientation is a 30-minute webinar or on-site presentation by a Regional Coordinator that:

  • Provides an overview of The Benefit Bank
  • Outlines the requirements and responsibilities of a TBB-NC site
  • Details next steps and how to implement TBB-NC at your organization

The Pre-Training Orientation is perfect for organizations wanting to learn more about TBB-NC. Potential site administrators must attend. Staff and volunteers are welcome. Webinars are offered periodically, and onsite visits can be scheduled by contacting a Regional Coordinator.

Step 2: Complete the New Site Survey

The New Site Survey is a simple online survey that asks about your organization’s mission, services, clients and your organization’s current capacity (staff, volunteers, space, and resources). Your Regional Coordinator will use the information provided in the Site Survey to follow-up with you on becoming a TBB-NC site and consider questions like the following:

  • Does your organization serve low- and moderate-income individuals or families?
  • How well does your organization’s mission fit with the mission of TBB-NC?
  • Does your organization have the space, computers and bandwidth available to serve clients using TBB?
  • Are sufficient volunteers or staff members able to devote the necessary time/resources to serve as TBB-NC counselors?

After completing the Pre-Training Orientation, your Regional Coordinator will provide you with a link to the New Site Survey.

What happens next: Your Regional Coordinator will review your New Site Survey and will follow-up with you. To be good stewards of our time and resources, some organizations may not be equipped to serve as sites. Materials are available to sites implementing TBB-NC including materials on volunteer management, conducting local marketing campaigns, and grant writing. We consider each case on its own merits.

Step 3: Sign Site Agreement and Training

Your Regional Coordinator will send the electronic site agreement after they have approved your organization as a TBB-NC site. By signing the site agreement your organization agrees to the responsibilities and privileges of sponsoring TBB-NC. Next, select TBB-NC counselors for training and schedule training with your Regional Coordinator.

  • Volunteers or staff members may serve as TBB-NC counselors
  • Look for committed individuals and review the TBB-NC Counselor Expectations document

TBB-NC offers two trainings so volunteers and staff members of TBB-NC sites are able to navigate The Benefit Bank online service as TBB-NC counselors.

  • Benefits Training: Learn how to use TBB to complete applications for Food & Nutrition Services, Medical Benefits, and Work First Family Assistance (4-5 hours)
  • Tax Training: Learn how to use TBB to complete tax returns and federal student aid (4-5 hours; tax and benefit training are usually done on separate days)

Step 4: Site Support and Follow-up

Upon the successful completion of training, your site will be added to the site locator (with your organization’s consent). and receive a “starter” package of TBB-NC marketing materials.

  • Site Locator: easy-to-use mapping function on showing the location of TBB-NC sites near a given address to help clients find TBB-NC sites

Regional Coordinator support:

  • Strategies for integrating TBB-NC into your organization
  • Tax/Benefit Counselor Training
  • Reporting features of The Benefit Bank
  • Best practices from other TBB-NC sites
  • Additional marketing materials

For more resources visit the Sites and Counselors section of the website.

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