Each year, tens of thousands of families in North Carolina fail to claim over $2 billion in federal work supports in the form of tax credits, public benefits, and student financial aid.  Outreach sponsored by faith-based and community organizations using The Benefit Bank of North Carolina connects low- and moderate-income families to the work supports for which they are eligible.

Since April 2010, TBB-NC has assisted 32,000 low-income households in claiming an estimated $48 million in work supports.

NC_Statewide Presence June 2013

Connecting families and individuals to work supports is critical to lifting more North Carolinians out of poverty and advancing the overall state’s economic recovery. When claimed, these work supports are proven to improve employment, education, welfare-to-work, and health outcomes and to reduce poverty, hunger, homelessness, and recidivism.  In addition, spend these dollars in their local communities, boosting economic recovery through multiplier effects (For example, research shows that every $5 in food stamps generates an estimated $9.00 in economic activity).

Below is a breakdown of the value of the supports claimed by program:


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