North Carolina EITC

NC Justice Center releases a brief on North Carolina’s EITC

883,000 North Carolinians claimed the NC Earned Income Tax Credit in 2010 according to recently available data from NC Department of Revenue. The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is both a federal and a N.C. income tax credit that benefits low-and moderate-income working families. Each year, eligible N.C. workers and their families lose more than $200 million by failing to claim the EITC, money research shows would likely be spent locally on basic necessities. Learn more about the EITC on the EITC Carolinas website, another project of MDC.

The number of workers claiming the state EITC went up 9.6% indicating that EITC Outreach efforts have made a difference. View the maps below to understand the economic impact of the NC EITC in your county. These are just a few data highlights from the NC Justice Center’s brief on the North Carolina EITC. Read the whole brief here. For more on TBB-NC’s impact click here.


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