Self-Serve Tax Prep Results

2011 TBB-NC Self-Serve Tax Preparation Assistance

The past year brought a significant increase in the use of TBB-NC’s Self-Serve portal for tax preparation assistance. A total of 3,163 returns were filed using the Self-Serve portal, generating a total of $3.7 million in tax refunds for North Carolina residents. These tax filers saved an estimated $632,600 in tax preparation fees as a result of using TBB-NC.[1]


TBB-NC is also proud of its efforts to connect low-income families with the Earned-Income Tax Credit. A total of 658 North Carolinians claimed the NC EITC using the TBB-NC. A total of $1,156,822 in EITC refunds (state and federal) were claimed in TY 2011, as shown on the map below.


[1] MDC calculations from: Berube, Alan et al. 2002. Center on Urban & Metropolitan Policy. The Brookings Institution and The Progress Policy Institute. “The Price of paying Taxes: How Tax Preparation and Refund Loan Fees Erode the Benefits of the EITC.


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