Web Badges

Add the TBB-NC Logo and Short Description to your organization’s website:

Placing the TBB-NC Logo and Short Description on your organization’s website clearly marks your organization as part of the TBB-NC Network. It is suggested that the Logo and Short Description should be added to the services section of your website and be followed by information about your organization’s TBB-NC services. Include whether your site is open to the public, if an appointment is necessary, and the appropriate contact information.


                                                           TBBNC logo_SMALL

Step 1: Right-click and save the image of the TBB-NC Logo.
Step 2: Upload the TBB-NC Logo to your website.
Step 3: Place the TBB-NC Logo and Short Description in a clearly visible location under the services section of your site.
Step 4: Hyperlink the TBB-NC Logo to tbb-nc.org 

Short Description of TBB-NC

As a partner of The Benefit Bank® of North Carolina (TBB™-NC), [organization name] helps to connect low- and medium-income families and individuals to education and work supports, including tax credits, food and health benefits, and student financial aid. Trained counselors assist clients in completing benefit applications using the powerful online service called The Benefit Bank. TBB-NC is managed by MDC, a non-profit based in Durham, NC that for over 40 years has helped organizations and communities close the gaps that separate people from opportunity.


Add the Self-Serve web badge with a customized URL to your organization’s website:

Adding the Self-Serve web badge to your organization’s website along with your organization’s customized Self-Serve Partner URL allows your organization to expand the reach of its TBB-NC services by getting credit for Self-Serve clients. With the May 24th, 2012 roll-out of Self-Serve Benefits, all TBB-NC modules will be available through Self-Serve. Self-Serve is perfect for computer-literate, and internet-savvy individuals who will be able to operate The Benefit Bank and its help features without counselor assistance.



Step 1: Right-click and save the image of the Self-Serve web badge.
Step 2: Upload the Self-Serve web badge  to your website.
Step 3:  Place the web badge in a clearly visible section location on your website.
Step 4: Hyperlink the Self-Serve web badge to your customized Self-Serve Partner URL found in your organization profile on The Benefit Bank allowing you to track the number of clients and applications/tax returns completed using your organization’s Self-Serve web badge.

Another Suggestion: Add the Self-Serve Badge as a shortcut to the desktop of a computer allowing clients to start or complete a benefit application or tax return at your site using Self-Serve.

Finding your Self-Serve Partner URL:  Login to The Benefit Bank and click “View Organizations” under the heading “Organization Management”. Click on the name of your organization to view your organization’s profile. Find the box that says Self-Serve Partner URL. It should look like this: http://selfserve.thebenefitbank.org/ums?task=login&partner_code=####  The #### will be replaced with four numbers which mark the URL as specific to your organization.

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